Tiffen 72mm Digital Enhancing Filter Kit

Best Tiffen 72mm Digital Enhancing Filter Kit

  • Includes 4 filters and case
  • Digital enhancing filter
  • UV protector
  • 812 warming filter
  • Circular polarizer

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Tiffen’s Digital Enhancing Kit packages the professional filters necessary to creatively enhance your portrait and scenic photography. Enhancing filter for deep rich reds, browns and oranges. Ideal for fall foliage, rustic barns and wooded scenes. Tiffen’s exclusive 812 warming filter for portraits and scenics. Adds warmth to pale skin tones and richness to washed-out colors on overcast days. Circular Polarizer for increased contrast and color saturation and the elimination of glare from highly reflected surfaces like water and glass. Digital Ultra Clear filter for lens protection.

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Tiffen 72mm Digital Enhancing Filter Kit